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Movement in Space
Interbay-Glover YMCA
Tampa, FL

Movement in Space, a wall relief, which is installed at the Interbay-Glover YMCA in Tampa, Florida conveys the idea of athletic motion with five painted metal calligraphic figures. Adjacent to the expressway, the motion of this sculptural mural, is enhanced by passing traffic and sunlight which transforms the wall creating different types of shadow play depending on the time of day. A variety of technologies e.g. autocad, photoshop and photocopying methods were used to create this 27.5' x 62' work. The environmental conditions of the site required engineering the piece for up to 140 mile an hour winds as well as dealing with maintenance issues in an area which is subject to the effects of salt air.

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3/16" painted aluminum
Figures: 54 feet x 12 feet x 8 inches
Wall: 27 feet x 62 feet

Commissioned by:
City of Tampa Art in Public Places