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Sites for Student Program of the New York City Department of Education
16 sessions, 5th Grade
Fall 2001-Spring 2002

>>Sample Lesson Plan

At PS 6 in Staten Island, I worked with fifth grade students on creating a permanent public art installation in the atrium lobby.

The goal was to teach students how to develop their own individual artistic sensibilities through the act of exploration of different ideas and media. They worked with graphite pencils, Chinese ink and brush, acrylic paint, mixed media collage, overlays and graph paper. A notebook was provided in which to keep a record of the process, either in the form of drawings, photos or writing. Students were invited to design their own personal concepts for the atrium space and then present them to the larger forum. They developed their ideas two dimensionally and three dimensionally in a maquette scaled to the approximate space of the atrium. The concepts they covered included: Form, Space, Line, Tension, Composition, Volume, Elevation and Color.

>>Installation Project